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>Just over five years ago we were feeding the sheep at Woolverton Inn as owners – now we find ourselves shooting the sheep! Carolyn (our ex-business partner) and Bob, the owners of Woolverton Inn were kind enough to invite us back for a few holiday pictures and some fresh “sheep shots”. We are not crazy about shooting outdoors this time of year – it can be very drab in New Jersey in December – but we got a perfect, clear, crisp day at our old stomping grounds.

The place looks great and sheep seem very happy under Carolyn and Bob’s care!

>We recently returned from working for Dan and Michelle Brown at Swift House Inn in Middlebury Vermont. While we were there shooting some rooms, Dan and Michelle asked us to shoot some photos of the staff to use on their website to help cement the relationship between staff and guests. Swift House is a larger inn, and although few innkeepers are more hands-on than Dan and Michelle, the staff plays a vital role in guest satisfaction and repeat business. We produced this unusual music-video style photo animation that we think conveys what a fun, interesting team Swift House has “behind the scenes”. Middlebury is a college town – we think this form of media will especially appeal to a younger audience. Check it out…we would LOVE to get your feedback.