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>For all you Rabbit Hill Inn fans out there…we recently published a coffee table book of pictures we shot over the last few years (and some heartfelt copy written by Mark), entitled “Welcome Home to Rabbit Hill”. This is a great country inn and it has been a pleasure working with Leslie and Brian over the years. We are happy with the result and think it captures a little of the taste, sights and moments we’ve encountered at this exceptional inn.

View Preview of inside of Welcome Home.

welcomehome >Welcome Home to Rabbit Hill Inn...the book

If you are a true Rabbit Hill Inn fan, you can also buy a copy of the book in hardback or paperback here from the Blurb online bookstore.

We do produce projects like this on a limited basis. Let us know if you are interested.

>Video and multimedia are quickly becoming an important part of a hospitality property’s marketing mix. At the recent Innkeeping Conference conference in Austin we talked about how innkeepers can “put their toe”in the water of multimedia without making a huge cash outlay associated with a big professional photo or video production. Are we trying to put ourselves out of business?? Nope – we just have a passion for using what imagery YOU ALREADY have, squuezing the most out of your photo investments.

Here are a few thoughts on this:

You can produce a professional video about your property using just still images and professional voice-over. You can target a specific concept or you can produce a overall property tour. American Bed and Breakfast Inns headed by industry professional Michael Pinkston can produce this for you for for less than $400. You’ll be up on YouTube in no time (YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google – do YOU have a YouTube presence?).
Sample from American Bed and Breakfast Inns (Woolverton Inn, the inn we used to own)

Use your images LARGE on your website. This might seem obvious but you would be surprised how many make this mistake. Large photo make a larger impact, more engaged website shoppers and in return a better “look to book conversion”.
Large image Sample by White Stone Marketing

….that brings to mind …..We offer a quick and easy slideshow solution from Jumping Rocks Media Bank for leas than $100. What is unique about this show is that the images  are displayed in very high-quality and are scaled to each screen they are displayed on full-screen size. Getting more our of image displayed LARGE!
Slideshow from Jumping Rocks Media Bank

Think about how an image tells a story. You can use video productions techniques like the “Ken Burns” effect to animate a still image  are help tell a story. Think about this as you develop flash presentations on your site. Using this technique will give your photo a whole new life and tell a story much more effectively. The Arch Cape Inn website using the “Ken Burns” effect nicely and helps tell a story. Below are two stills, bottom is Chanticleer Guest House and the top is Elizabeth Pointe Lodge. Watch the video to see how employing a little cinematic animation can help tell the stories of these properties.

781430951 LA8ev S >Putting a "Toe in the Water" with YouTube and Multimedia

781430828 cgxXv S >Putting a "Toe in the Water" with YouTube and Multimedia


802317716 Bvvvj O >New Trends in Visual Marketing at the Innkeeping Show, Austin

Are you going to be attending the Innkeeping and/or Select Registry meetings in Austin Texas next week? If so, please try to attend our informative and entertaining workshop called: “New Trends in Visual Marketing” scheduled for 4:00 pm on Wednesday March 10th. 
Mark will be giving this talk – anyone who has seen Mark speak before will remember that he makes this stuff FUN.

Some of the topics covered:
  • Low-cost solutions to turn your still photo collection into engaging video slide show presentations
  • Fun ways to add a kick to your website through animation, time-lapse photography, HDR, photo sequences and humor
  • Strategies for creating a video of your inn: What style, what budget, documentary versus aspirational/inspirational mood videos, and video “do’s and dont’s”
  • SEO implications of multimedia and video in the hospitality and travel marketplace
  • Relationship between video and still photography – using the right tool for the job
  • Lots of great sources for professional help and lots of sample videos and techniques

Hope to see you in Austin!