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>Many innkeepers ask us about the dangers of “overselling” your property on the web, but the biggest problem we see–by far–is properties that are vastly undersold, especially when it comes to imagery.

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A perfect example of this was our recent shoot at Mount Merino Manor in Hudson, N.Y. This is a gorgeous and truly special property in a great up-and-coming destination town.

Innkeepers Rita and Patrick Birmingham (pictured left) have exquisite taste and a wonderful and fresh sense of design–clean lines and a nice mix of contemporary and traditional furnishings. This aesthetic fits in perfectly with the robust and happening Hudson antiques and design community and design-conscious tourists.

Diamond Street Suite (after):

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Diamond Street Suite (before):

diamond 06 >Underselling Your Property: Mount Merino Manor

Photographing the property was tricky, in that lots of the rooms have views and several of the room layouts are quirky and challenging to express visually.We often rearrange furniture to make a more compelling photo. In this case we moved the chaise lounge under the window to create a focal point. I would say about 90% of the time, the property owners keep the furniture in the photographed position! Funny!

The other thing we tried to accomplish was to communicate the beautiful sense of LIGHT at Mount Merino. We loaded up the room with big strobes and used longer exposures to fill the room with light. Look how the colors pop and sparkle when a room is lit sensitively and dramatically.

Rip’s Room (after) :

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Rip’s Room (before):

rips room 05 >Underselling Your Property: Mount Merino Manor

rips room 06 >Underselling Your Property: Mount Merino Manor

Rip’s Room is another L-shaped room. In the “before” shot, a dark dresser and roman shade hid the view over the mountains. We raised the blind and moved a smaller table to replace the dresser, opening up the space. We re-arranged an existing rug and added some wine to give the scene a sense of life. A longer focal length lens helped to compress the elements of this scene and makes the view “pop” photographically. It will be exciting to check back with the innkeepers to see what these photos do for occupancy.

Lastly, another terrific selling point at Mount Merino is the decked-out bathrooms in almost every guest room–over the top luxury! Sadly, none of these are pictured on the existing site!! Showing these spaces will surely have an impact on occupancy and rates going forward – exciting!

Blue Mountain Room’s Bathroom:

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