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Often, our final words as we leave a hospitality property after a photo shoot are – please, please use the images as large as you can on your website. It’s incredibly simple: the larger images create a impact that translates into reservations. It may be the easiest cheapest tip out there! Web pages are growing wider and wider, high speed internet access is more common, screen resolution on consumer screens improves every year and very large monitors are becoming more and more popular. If you do a slide show of images on your site, be sure that slide show image fills the page!

I have never someone say of a website, “those picture are too big and look too good”.

We finally put our money where our mouth is and increased the size of the images throughout our site and especially on our home page. We went with full page, single images on our homepage at a whopping 1920×1200 pixel size. Each time you refresh the page, you get a new image. We also updated and enlarged our portfolio images on the site. Believe it or not, this giant homepage image translates beautifully to the web browser on my Iphone. The image is scaled depending upon screen size so it looks great on anything from a 26″ display down to my tiny phone. How cool is that??

Check out our newly renovated website.

Here are a few inn web sites with nice, big images:

These two sites above by the fabulous White Stone Marketing

Image on Jumping Rocks Photography homepage is The Inn at Gothic Eves in Trumansburg NY, a lovely inn we just shot near Ithaca.