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 >My Favorite Camera

 I love all my wonderful camera gear: the state-of-the-art digital sensors, super-sharp lenses, lights and strobes of every size.  Sometimes my back does not like the 150 pounds of equipment we haul from Seattle to Maine to Texas! All this great stuff tends to make me forget why I fell in love with taking pictures in the first place – the way you begin to look at the world anew when you have that camera in hand and the joy of creating something new. Celebrating the beautiful or the ordinary or the odd.

About 6 months ago I became an iPhone user – and my favorite use has been as a camera! I primarily use it on the streets of Philadelphia and while traveling. When we are not away working on a Jumping Rocks project, I am usually shooting iPhone pictures. All the limitations the camera  presents make it much more fun to use on a creative level. The lack of features (zoom, sharpness) somehow forces me to focus on things like color and composition, and is frankly really refreshing compared to all the options on my pro DSLR camera.

I just added a gallery to our website of these iphone images. These images are obviously much less commercial and I think reflect my background as a  painter. Check out the iphone gallery on our website. 

Part of what inspired me to use the iPhone camera as a creative tool was the excellent Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis. He has written a fantastic coffee table book called “The Best Camera is the One You Have with You” featuring his iPhone photography. Chase is also behind my very, very favorite iphone application, “Best Camera”. The app has 10 or so simple filters to help “goose-up” your shots and features an easy way to upload those pictures to all the various social media sites. Another REALLY cool thing is that you can upload your images to a special website Chase has created, called right from your phone. Chase describes the website as “a living, breathing gallery of iPhone photography from around the globe”. Pretty interesting! I like to pull up the stream on my phone and watch what is being uploaded in real-time.

Even after a grueling several day photo shoot encompassing 4:30 am sunrises and 8:30pm twilight shot  plus hours of air travel I find myself, without thinking about it, pulling out my iPhone and…taking pictures.