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InnkeeperPortrait >A Fresh, Multimedia Appoach to Innkeeper Portaits

Innkeepers are a fun group of people, and many times they are one of the key reasons guests keep coming back (or don’t!) Why is it that their portraits so many times do not reflect the unique and idiosyncratic charms of the Innkeeper?? At a recent shoot at Mount Merino Manor we shot a quick sequence of portraits of charming hosts Rita and Patrick in hopes that the web developer could do something visually interesting with it on their site. InsideOut Website Solutions ran the sequence in flash on the “Innkeepers Story” page. I think it’s fun and effective–and gives potential guests a preview of the kind of easygoing innkeepers Rita and Patrick are.

Check out the “Innkeepers Story” page on the Mount Merino web site.

 We are always looking for opportunities and new ideas to make still photography more engaging in this new world of multimedia – I think this one hits the nail on the head. If you are interested in multimedia, check our post from last spring when we wrote on the subject.


It has been an incredibly busy summer for us – lots of travel and interesting projects. We thought we would catch you up on a few visual highlights from the last few weeks…
We paid a visit back to Goldmoor Inn in Galena, Illinois to get some pictures to promote their story-book weddings and newly-opened restaurant. Patricia and Tom, the owners, were jazzed to have us back. We soon learned that they had a HUGE huge return on the photography and web investment they made last year promoting their lodging.
Goldmoor wedding >Where the heck have we been??
The magical setting for weddings at Goldmoor

Goldmoor food >Where the heck have we been??
Tomato Mozzarella salad at Goldmoor’s new restaurant  
We also did a shoot for Thomas Shepherd Inn in Shepherdstown, WV. Thomas Shepherd Inn is a sweet property right in the middle of everything in the vital and charming town of Shepherdstown. They were recently just chosen to be included in Select Registry.
Thomas Shepherd dining >Where the heck have we been??
Breakfast Room at Thomas Shepherd Inn 
Thomas shepherd porch >Where the heck have we been??
Thomas Shepherd Inn’s back porch
We also visited Brickhouse Inn in Gettysburg for the second shoot this year. This immaculate Inn is great because you can pretty much see many of Gettysburg’s sites within a short walk from the Inn. Another unique feature is their stunning garden out back with a pond and waterfall. They serve breakfast in the garden in the warm season–delightful! On this shoot, we focused on outside shots and area pictures. You can’t tell from the photos that it was about 900 degrees…
 >Where the heck have we been??
The Battlefields – Just a five minute walk from the Brickhouse Inn
brickhouse ext >Where the heck have we been??
Brickhouse Inn’s front porch      

It was great to return to L’Auberge Provencale in White Post, VA. Was it our 4th or 5th visit? Celeste Borel the Innkeeper is a fantastic creative collaborator and it shows in the pictures. We always say that in her next life she should join our team!! For L’Auberge we shot some video clips for an upcoming project, new food shots and area activities. The Borel’s son, Christian, just got married and we used Christian and his bride Ashley in some of the activity shots. There is so much to do around there!
lauberge food >Where the heck have we been??
The stunning cuisine at L’Auberge Provencale
Lauberge Christian >Where the heck have we been??
Christian and Ashley grabbing a kiss during a shoot in L’Auberge’s orchard
lauberge tomatos >Where the heck have we been??
Incredible tomatoes from the L’Auberge Provencale kitchen garden. Celeste gave us a basket of these to take back to the city. Amazing treat!