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Mark and I have done much travel in our 20 years together – but it really doesn’t get much better than Vancouver Island in British Columbia, off the west coast of Canada. We were working at several properties in the Pacific Northwest and two on the Island. The two properties we shot in Victoria are excellent: Abigails Hotel and Abbeymoore Manor Bed and Breakfast. But don’t take it from us that these are outstanding properties–both are rated #1 (in their respective categories, Hotels and BandBs) in the super-competitive Victoria lodging market on Trip Advisor. Many of you know how important this distinction is.

1038340957 XvRj6 S >Exploring Vancouver Island   Excursions from Two Great Inns
Abigails Hotel
1054849178 ZXSm5 S 1 >Exploring Vancouver Island   Excursions from Two Great Inns
Abbeymoore B&B

We took a “mandatory” break between 2 big shoots to explore the Island and stay out of the Inns’ way during the busy Canadian Thanksgiving holiday (they eat turkey too!) If you have not visited, put it on your short list. It’s gorgeous, wild and interesting in any kind of weather. Victoria is a delightful city…much more beautiful than I expected and very European-feeling. Start your trip at Abigails or Abbeymoore then spend a week or more exploring the island. Some of these spots are an easy daytrip from Victoria such as Sooke or The Juan de Fuca Marine trail (see captions in the gallery).

I posted about two dozen pictures in a gallery on our website
View all our Vancouver Island pictures.

Vancouver Island SookeArea Juan DefucaTrail 03 >Exploring Vancouver Island   Excursions from Two Great Inns
Vancouver Island CoxBay Tofino 36 >Exploring Vancouver Island   Excursions from Two Great Inns

Vancouver Island SookeArea Juan DefucaTrail 06 >Exploring Vancouver Island   Excursions from Two Great Inns

>There’s a new trend we’ve noticed in shoots the last 6 months or so: innkeepers wanting great food shots. Even properties where food is not really a “big deal” seem to now want to focus more on this aspect of their business. This new trend delights us because we’ve always felt that food pictures really help the “sell the experience” and speak volumes about an inn. Believe it or not, when we first entered the hospitality business 10 or so years ago it was rare to see a “breakfast” page on an bed and breakfast website. Kind of funny when you think it is “Bed and BREAKFAST”!
This new-found interest coincides with the general fascination with food and cooking, thanks in part to the success of pop culture phenomena like celebrity chefs, The Food Network and Top Chef. No longer are just the elite interested in gourmet cooking; it’s trickled down to all of us.

 >FOOD ... a trend we like
At Chambered Nautilus B and B

When a client asks us for food shots, usually we begin with a series of questions to get an idea of what type of shots they are looking for.  You can take an more abstract “fantasy” approach” (see the soup from L’Auberge Provencale) or show food being prepped (see Chambered Nautilus shots), or the “real” approach. If a property offers breakfast served in-room, we like to show it “in context”, thereby selling the food as well as the great service. Sometimes you really want to get a potential guest’s mouth to water about the food in particular, so you get really close (the Swann House fruit or the Abbeymoore B and B omelet). These days, lots of folks (especially ME!) care where the food comes from. I love the Brampton Inn shot, showing Danielle, the innkeeper, harvesting blackberries from their garden. Of all the hundreds of properties we’ve focused on,  no one is more true to THE COOKIE than Danielle and her team (Hi Carol!) at Brampton. The beautiful variety of totally homemade cookies we shot this late summer was not just prepared for the shoot–it was just another day at the inn, photographed exactly how I saw it in their guest den. Yum.

Here are a few shots from the last 3 months….

1038307325 H3Ac9 XL >FOOD ... a trend we like
Breakfast entree at Abigails Hotel, Victoria BC

955586049 z9TCp L >FOOD ... a trend we like
Soup course at L’Auberge Provencale, White Post VA

960472065 XR9wz L >FOOD ... a trend we like
Signature Hummus at Hummus Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA

967773586 2P75B L >FOOD ... a trend we like
Fruit from the buffet at Swann House, Washington DC

967774787 mK4EV XL >FOOD ... a trend we like
Blueberry Muffins from Swann House

969755202 FT6fH M >FOOD ... a trend we like
Innkeeper harvesting blackberries from garden, Brampton Inn, Chestertown, MD

969784842 VanGK M >FOOD ... a trend we like
Brampton Inn’s cookie spread

1013608282 zySTD L >FOOD ... a trend we like
Lobster Chowder at The Settlers Inn, Hawley, PA

1025577811 KwoDo XL 1 >FOOD ... a trend we like
Joyce at Chambered Nautilus serving up spiced peaches, Seattle WA

1026508661 gFBP2 L >FOOD ... a trend we like
Different approach to shooting food at Chambered Nautilus

1038300052 9494f L >FOOD ... a trend we like
Breakfast in Room at Abigails Hotel, Victoria BC

1054893663 kw3z3 L 1 >FOOD ... a trend we like
Salmon wrapped omelet at Abbeymoore Manor, Victoria BC