1241044688 3Bgj4 M >A Southern California Romantic Oasis: Casa Laguna Inn and SpaWe recently returned from California and finally completed the editing of the nearly 1,300 pictures shot at Casa Laguna Inn and Spa in the colorful seaside artist community of Laguna Beach, just south of Los Angeles. The Inn has a great reputation (well-deserved) under the ownership of Francois Leclair as well as the ever-present Innkeeper/Manager Kathyrn Mace and her husband, Henry.

Casa Laguna is a charming and rambling property, comprising a number of Mediterranean-style buildings, and seems very much like a small, enclosed hillside village. The simple experience of wandering around the property is a treat for all the senses, with mature exotic garden plantings, fragrant flowers and bubbling fountains. The word “romantic” is overused–but at Casa Laguna, it’s actually an understatement!

We shot way too much over the three days to share only a FEW pictures, so we created a short video slide show (be sure to check HD so you can get the full experience…)

(If you’d rather watch a conventional, non-video sideshow of a small selection of images, click here)

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Rolling out pasta for breakfast service

Another thing that really stood out as very, very special at Casa Laguna was their breakfast, which was OUTRAGEOUS. The breakfast menu includes 7 or 8 options and reflects a decidedly California flair, featuring lots of fresh and organic produce from the local farmers’ market. If only every inn had access to the produce you can get in Southern California…Henry Mace, the Inn’s social media guru put together this video featuring Casa’s chef visiting the local market. Check out the video here. I think this type of targeted video is really effective. Great job Henry!

The Inn is a two-time winner of the Select Registry Inn-Credible Breakfast Cookoff. It’s easy to understand why! Where else can you walk into a inn’s kitchen and see fresh pasta being rolled out for breakfast service? All we can say is…wow.

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An ordinary omelet is anything BUT ordinary, when prepared by the chef at Casa Laguna

If you are a member of the press and want to see or use any of the 135 high resolution images from this shoot, just email us  for the password to the Jumping Rocks Media Bank  page for Casa Laguna Inn and Spa.

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