Beechmont Breakfast S >Culinary Adventures with Kathryn at Beechmont Inn

We recently returned to shoot some more photos for Kathryn White, innkeeper extraordinaire of The Beechmont Inn in Hanover, PA, just outside Gettysburg. It was really great to be back. Kathryn is a die-hard foodie and takes all things food-related very seriously at her inn.  She is a part of the Bed and Breakfast Foodies group, a collective of eight Innkeepers (AKA “8 Broads in the Kitchen”) who share their love of food and great recipes on their popular blog.

We kept things a little messy and “real” for some of the shots and also shot some classic “cleaned-up” versions. The Foodies group is working on a new cookbook and I think some casual “in progress” shots will be great for that project. These types of shots are actually particularly appropriate for inns, where there is an emphasis on “authenticity” and home-made food; they are very effective at telling the story. Not shown: the drool coming from the mouths of Jumping Rocks as we were shooting these incredible sticky buns!

Beechmont Breakfast XL >Culinary Adventures with Kathryn at Beechmont Inn
Kathryn’s killer cinnamon rolls in progress
Beechmont Breakfast EggHamCup L >Culinary Adventures with Kathryn at Beechmont Inn
Kathryn’s egg baked in ham with local heirloom tomatoes and biscuit

We also shot some cookies at the Beechmont….yum!

Beechmont Cookies 01 L >Culinary Adventures with Kathryn at Beechmont Inn

And…I could not resist shooting the 145-year-old Magnolia tree (the centerpiece of the Beechmont Garden) early the next morning. Although the sun was not cooperating that morning, we were able to light the tree artificially with a large flash…but it looks pretty natural, I think!

Beechmont Gardens 13 XL >Culinary Adventures with Kathryn at Beechmont Inn
The Beechmont’s 145-year-old Magnolia tree at dawn

 If you are a member of the press and want to see or use any of the 63 high resolution images from this shoot, just email us  for the password to the Jumping Rocks Media Bank  page for The Beechmont Inn.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    >It was such fun to have you here. Next time I'll bake some cinnamon rolls to be devoured! Thanks for all the terrific shots. Kathryn