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Mark “hammock-ing” over a stream in NY

If we’ve been to your inn to photograph your property, you may have heard us say “you should hang a hammock THERE” or “have you considered adding a hammock?” Yes, perhaps we are hammock obsessed. When we owned The Woolverton Inn, we constructed an entirely new building around a $100 hammock that would be the key feature in the bathroom (yes, indoors). In the video we have posted here, we’ve included the hammock we installed 10 years ago at Woolverton in The Sojourn Loft as well as dozens of others we have photographed during the last decade.

The video also features a few shots from our hammock-focused vacations in The Adirondacks and Mexico.  We recently purchased a wonderful portable hammock you can take along when you hike. Mark strung it over one of the beautiful mountain streams at Elk Lake Lodge in New York state. “I’ll take that hammock–to go!”

A hammock is one of the most inexpensive amenities for a hotel or inn to add–can you think of another amenity that says “relax” for less than $100?? One of our very favorite applications of “hammockry” is at Shiloh Morning Inn in Oklahoma. They have acres of beautiful rolling countryside and have hammocks hidden in several of the secret spots on the property. They encourage guests to take a “hammock safari” as a unique property-focused adventure. What a clever idea!

1. Enjoy the video, 2. Buy a hammock, and 3. Relax and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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