One of the more interesting shoots we did this year was at the beautiful and multi-faceted Fort Lewis Lodge in Virginia–check out a post we wrote last month on the inn.  After the shoot, we realized we had great content for a video/slideshow. We mentioned this to them and they loved the idea, so we got to work. We really liked this idea for them for a few reasons:

  1. Rather than viewing photos by clicking and clicking around a website, many potential guests like to sit back and passively watch a video of beautiful photos. Less work for them makes the experience more relaxing and enjoyable.
  2. In this context, photos appearing one right after the other, the visual impact is super-concentrated, and is much more powerful than if the photos are all on separate pages, broken up by text, website navigation, marketing messages, etc.
  3. The Fort Lewis Lodge experience is FAR from your customary inn experience; they have a unique story to tell and the slideshow suggests a rich, but gentle narrative. No voice over is needed to get the message across.
  4. YouTube is the second largest search engine. A fancy video might be overkill and outside the budget for many inns, but a simple video like this is very compelling and gives your inn presence in this important search engine.
  5. Video makes your website more interactive…and interactive is good!
  6. This simple type of video becomes another great thing to share with your social media network. We produced a 2011 “Looking Back in Pictures” piece, and it was by far our most popular blog post and most-commented entry we ever had on Facebook. People love this stuff!
  7. It’s cheap (especially compared to a total video production)
  8. It makes your photo investment go further!

Check it out…


  1. Dave Keys says:

    Oh how true that is! Finding the right music is the most painful part of producing videos for me. The only thing worse? When the client chooses music that just doesn’t work!

  2. jeanne says:

    Loved that video. Do you produce them? We have one but it is not as good as this one.

    • mlovette says:

      Hey Jeanne- Glad you like. We do produce these ourselves when our schedule permits. The toughest part of this is always finding music that works – that is always painful. Love to help you. Missed seeing you this summer!