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We have been busy (when not out shooting!) the last couple weeks preparing for our presentation on Tuesday January 29th at 2:15 pm at the Innkeeping Show in Las Vegas. Here is a description of our presentation:

Learn from the Experts: Do-it-Yourself Guide to Shooting Exteriors and Gardens
Every savvy innkeeper knows the power of photography to the bottom line. Learn secrets from the experts on how to get terrific shots—the kind that make people say, “I want to be THERE!” This workshop will provide specific techniques—using ANY camera—for composing, styling and lighting your own photographs to make your property stand out on your home page, internet directories and booking engines.

This is a sort-of-follow-up to the presentation we did a few years ago on Do-It-Yourself Food Photography at the conference in Charleston.

Just last week we were shooting at The Garden Gables Inn in Lenox, MA (a really beautiful inn) and while scouting for angles, Mark snapped a quick shot with his iPhone that illustrates how you can get darn-good photos with a VERY simple camera, if you have the right time of day, perspective and some basic know-how.

colortest 205 2 Edit XL DIY Guide for Shooting Exteriors: You Can Do It    Even with an iPhone!

Images captured with a professional level camera and specialty tilt-shift lenses


Here’s Mark’s iPhone image:

CA 01211309152021 XL DIY Guide for Shooting Exteriors: You Can Do It    Even with an iPhone!

Mark’s iPhone image of the same subject

Not a bad, eh? You can do this with just a few simple tools. Great exterior pictures are less about all the right equipment and more about time of day, light and composition. IPhones are not great in low-light, not not too bad either. I see far worse pictures on the pages of sites like Sorry, but its true!

OK, we did cheat a little bit in our pro image. Those tire tracks in the snow were really distracting, so we removed them in post-production before we delivered the image to our client.

Hope to see anyone who attends the show at our presentation. It should be fun and informative.

2012 was a great year for us, with lots of new places, new faces and visits to some of our favorite locations. Thanks to all of our clients and friends for being a part of our lives. Here’s a look back…Happy New Year to all!