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In preparing for our presentation, “Take Your Guest Rooms from Yesterday to Today and from Tired to Fresh—On a Budget!” at The Hospitality Marketing Summit in Denver next week, we stumbled upon some pretty interesting and inspirational room re-dos. We’ll be presenting these–and more great room decor ideas–gathered from our 10 years traveling North America, shooting over 150 inns, hotels and B&Bs.


Chanticleer Inn, Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Note all the changes that make this room feel much more updated!

1) A more tailored bedding approach. Note that the pleats are gone on the bedskirt and the pillow arrangement is cleaner, with a graphic-style decorative pillow and chic, white Euro-shams in the back. No more scalloped edges on the bedspread.

2) The top of the armoire has disappeared(!) and the flat-screen TV now sits directly on the fireplace, opening up the space and allowing a much improved TV-viewing experience. Clean, crisp upholstered chairs were added in slate gray, a great updated and versatile color choice–and now there are two chairs instead of just one (a major upgrade!) The toile curtains were replaced with a new elegant design. The bedside lamp was refitted with a sleeker drum shade.

3) The carpet was changed out for a wood floor. We are seeing this A LOT! Wood is much more sanitary and cleaning-friendly, especially in a room like this that steps right out to the garden. Also, wood makes the room potentially pet friendly, or at least MORE pet friendly.

4)  In a stroke of genius, the tiny pedestal sink was removed from the bathroom and a nice vanity sink was added in the bedroom. We love this change, as it allowed for a luxury shower to be added in the tiny bath–and justified a rate increase!

YOU GO Chanticleer Innkeeper-Designer Extraordinaire, Audrey! Amazing changes.


Chanticleer Inn Rooms 3 1 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Room 3 at Chanticleer Inn – AFTER

Before AfterChant Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Another view featuring the sink that was moved to the bedroom to make room for a luxury shower- AFTER


Chanticleer Rooms 3 01 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Room 3 – BEFORE

Chanticleer Rooms 3 02 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Another “before” shot, showing the old bathroom sitting area configuration



Shiloh Morning Inn, Ardmore, Oklahoma

It’s been fun to keep flying back to Oklahoma to see all the changes Jessica and Dave have been making at Shiloh–and on a budget. One theme we have noticed in their renovations is adding a masculine twist to what was previously a pretty frilly and feminine inn. We’ve heard form many innkeepers that more masculine rooms are selling BETTER. That was also our experience as owners of The Woolverton Inn.

Adding reclaimed barn-wood to one wall and the interior of the turret transformed the space from a victorian fantasy (not Jessica’s thing) to more of a barn/silo theme. They did ALL of the work themselves. This was a budget job–you’ll notice they reused most of the furnishings, just adding the pendant light fixtures over the bar and new curtains. We suggested they paint the cabinetry (perhaps black or gray) to pull in the dark details of the barn wood and the fireplace surround. (Then again, maybe it was  just a ploy so they will invite us back again!!)

Kudos to Jessica–a very creative idea, indeed!


Shiloh Rooms Cottage Bluebird 01 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Updated Bluebird Cottage–the reclaimed barn wood speaks nicely to the area’s rural landscape


Shiloh Rooms BluebirdCottage 03 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Bluebird Cottage – BEFORE


Shiloh Rooms Bungalow 06 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

AFTER – The Bungalow Cottage at Shiloh, reflecting a more masculine approach to color and decor


Shiloh Morning Cottage Bambi%20%284%29 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Bungalow Cottage – BEFORE. This color is a bit scary–how times have changed!



Rabbit Hill Inn, Vermont

Leslie and Brian at Rabbit Hill Inn in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom NEVER QUIT. We stumbled on this before and after of their Sterling Room and it almost knocked us off our chairs! They have added a contemporary twist to many of their new renovations and these changes have been very well received by their fiercely loyal  guests. It’s a bold move for America’s most venerable B&B market (and perhaps America’s most venerable inn).  We wrote a post a while back on another jaw-dropping room re-do at Rabbit Hill - read it here. 


RabbitHill Rooms Sterling 03 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Sterling Room at Rabbit Hill after a dramatic redo


RabbitHill Rooms Victoria 01 XL Get Inspired with These Room Makeovers!

Yes, this is the same room! Sterling! The bed is the same…but not much else!