“WOW! The photos are truly wonderful! We can’t stop looking at them. You two are amazing ~ so very talented, caring and lots of fun to work with.  You are a terrific team, both bringing out the best in each other and never missing a beat. It just doesn’t get better than that!”  Leslie Mulcahy,  Rabbit Hill Inn,  VT

“The pictures are wonderful! I’m absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you for renewing my belief that this place really is still beautiful! I loved having you here, and working with you. Your professionalism, your style, your ability to pull the best out of my place is unsurpassed. You guys are the BEST!!!”  Judy Huber, Chesterfield Inn, Chesterfield NH

“I am absolutely thrilled and stunned by your photos of our rooms.  You made them look so welcoming and warm – you even made our tiny little bathrooms look amazing. I also want to take a moment and let you know what a true joy it was to have the chance to work with you.  Having seen examples of your work for other locations, I honestly didn’t expect anything less than fabulous photography.   What made the experience special for me was your enthusiasm, professionalism, forthrightness, and the kindness and respect with which you treated not only each other but also our property, guests and staff.  You really are fantastic!” Carrie Ohlandt, Sayre Mansion, PA

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sensitivity to the unique qualities of our Inn (and others that you photograph) – and how you capture those moments in your photography.  You guys are the hardest working photography team around!” Linda Pettie, Lake Point Inn, MD

“The responses on the website have been awesome – we’re so excited.  I believe “You’re place is so beautiful” is the most common sentiment. I ran a report just yesterday for Michael and it shows that we already have over $8,000 more in bookings from 1/1/10 to 3/25/10 compared to the same time last year.  Things are looking great.” Carol Kerivan, Bear Mountain Lodge, NH

“This is just a quick e-mail to let you know that we have had an absolutely wonderful year of business! Since posting our new photos last September, our income has increased every month.  Our gross income is up over 40% for 2010.  I can see your heads inflating as I type this!”  Darrin and Bryon, The Chanticleer Guest House, WI

“Matthew can’t take a bad photo – he won’t give up until it’s right.” Scott Crumpton, White Stone Marketing

“Guest today told us the reason he picked us was our food shots!  You can add us to the list of clients who have already earned back your fee! “ Ian MacPhee, Abbeymoore Guest House, Victoria, BC

“THANKS!!    As always, the photos are all great.   I love that you can take a scene that is so familiar to us, but you see it from a new angle or in a different light and capture it and make it look warm and wonderful.” Yvonne Martin, White Oak Inn, OH