Bufflehead Cove

The two major thematic elements we set out to convey at Bufflehead Cove in Kennebunkport, ME were the setting–surrounded by green forest on the Kennebunk River–and the palpable sense of serenity that one feels here. There have been photos of the river from the inn, but none which sufficiently put the viewer into the space to elicit “I want to be there.” In addition, because the river here is tidal with varied visual appeal, it was important to also highlight the forest setting, and to bring the sense of green indoors at every opportunity, so we made windows a big player in most photos, to make the outdoors part of the overall experience. By shooting the preponderance of exterior photos very early in the morning, we were able to give them a dreamy quality, conveying that sense of serenity and peace that pervades this idyllic inn. View a short HD video slideshow of more images from Bufflehead Cove.

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