Casa Laguna

The upscale and elegant Casa Laguna in Laguna Beach, CA literally fronts Pacific Coast Highway, but the moment you walk through the gate, there is an overwhelming sensation that you have entered another world–an oasis of calm, with lush gardens, bubbling fountains and exotic plantings. Our primary goal was to accurately convey this “other-worldliness”, and specifically the exotic feel of the inn, both inside and out. Our shoot list put the the tropical gardens front and center, while emphasizing the Spanish-style architecture of the buildings. We believed, when combined, these components superbly conveyed the exotic feel of the inn. Our secondary goal was to visually describe the inn’s palpable sense of romance, which we accomplished through staging of romantic moments, often featuring models within the context of the architecture, shot at the perfect time of day…for romance. View this short video slideshow we put together with more images of Casa Laguna.

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