Inn at Hermannhof

The Inn at Hermannhof ┬áis a very European-style inn located in the town of Hermann, MO right on the Missouri River. For this shoot, our goals were to convey the somewhat complex setting/location of the inn (encompassing a multitude of buildings spread over a large area, right in town and close to the river), to highlight the upscale amenities, and most importantly, to emphasize the European look and feel of the inn. In order to reflect the proximity of the town and ┬áriver, we shot in the direction of these elements, and made them major subjects rather than just backdrops. We also shot very early to make views most appealing. For the interiors, we emphasized the fireplaces, luxury tubs and private outdoor sitting areas at every opportunity. To convey the European vibe of the inn, we focused on the elaborate stonework, the charming village ambience of the cottages, and the sophisticated decor–the original artwork, interesting fabrics and details which conjured up a European small luxury hotel.

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