Matthew Lovette: A Portrait 

by Mark Smith

I’ve known Matthew for 25 years and worked right next to him for 15 of those, so take it from me: he is truly one-of-a-kind. He views the world in an entirely different way than anyone I know; he sees so many things everyone else misses. He finds true beauty in the everyday—he’s that type. In terms of photography, he has what folks call “the eye”. Aside from his professional work, you can see that from his iPhone photos, which are unique and exciting.

After two decades, I finally figured out Matthew’s secret to success. He is first an artist; he’s been a prolific painter and photographer since childhood. He’s a textbook “right brain” guy, excelling at anything that requires creativity. Sadly, most artists do not have the “business gene”—that’s “left brain”. But Matthew does. So, he is that rare combination: right brain and left brain. He has the creativity to create, and the business acumen to know what to do with it.

When he’s not taking photos for Jumping Rocks, he is taking photos on vacations, trips or outings…When he’s not taking photos of these adventures, he’s walking around Philly snapping shots with his iPhone.  When he’s not doing these things, he’s thinking about doing these things. Or eating…or thinking about eating.

If you’re lucky, you know first-hand that Matthew is a fantastic cook and makes the best roast chicken, fried chicken and biscuits that you will ever eat.

Finally, he’s a southern boy, which makes him really quite polite and agreeable. Now you know everything you need to know about Matthew.

Mark Smith: A Portrait

by Matthew Lovette

Mark is first and foremost a story teller. He is a gifted and funny writer, his story-telling talents are actually integral to our photography. He creates the story behind the photo and that is what infuses the image with life. In this business, where we are really selling an experience, the story aspect is vital to the effectiveness of the image.

Mark is also a seasoned “dumpster diver”, and has always found treasures among the castaways of others. This experience comes in handy as he combs the basements and hidden corners at properties looking for the perfect item for the mantle or an ideal vase for a bouquet of flowers. He finds new uses for things that may have been neglected.

Gardening has always been a passion/obsession of Mark’s; this is reflected in his ability to work with organic elements like plants and flowers. With pruners in hand, Mark should be considered armed and dangerous; while on site at an inn, he will be cutting your flowers, vines and branches. But the result will be worth it.

At the Woolverton Inn, Mark was charged with design, building and decorating our 5 luxury cottages. His design skills and inspired sense of décor has made him an accomplished stylist for our business. His decorating touches, specifically for the photos, are routinely left as permanent fixtures at inns where we work.

When Mark is not styling for photos, he is likely to be found at The Clay Studio in Philly, throwing pots on the wheel and making crazy sculptures from them. It has been a passion of his for nearly 20 years.